After a roughly four month ordeal with a seized marine engine, I’ve decided to start this site to document the information and lessons learned while getting my boat back on the water.

When my port engine seized back in July, I scoured the internet for any and all information on my Crusader engines. While trying to figure out the best way to replace or rebuild the motor, I found that there was a lack of information out there on the actual specs of the engine.

My hope is that by starting this site, I’ll be able to help someone else that is in a similar position out by sharing hard-earned knowledge. I don’t know whether anybody will or will not be reading these posts. At the very least, hopefully this site will be a place that I can refer back to as a reference. If anybody is reading this,  please feel free to provide comments or critiques.

While I have about 20 years of experience working with engines, I’m not a professional engine builder. Please take everything in here with a grain of salt and please feel free to add information wherever necessary through comments.

These are the lessons learned from a DIYer who was in way over his head.